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Annastacia Palaszczuk: Smashing glass ceilings

First published by The Hoopla, 1 February 2015 If, as looks almost certain, Labor forms government in Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk will become Australia’s first female state opposition leader to take her party to victory. Another glass ceiling will be smashed, another milestone notched up. Carmen Lawrence, Joan Kirner, Anna Bligh, Kristina Keneally and Lara Giddings all became premier when their parties were already in office, … Read More Annastacia Palaszczuk: Smashing glass ceilings


Defying the odds on female genital mutilation

First published by The Hoopla, 4 February 2015 Khadija Gbla, who suffered female genital mutilation as a little girl, has given birth to a baby boy in Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital. It was the child she thought would never be born. Speaking exclusively to The Hoopla from her maternity ward, Khadija said of her new baby: “He is my own victory against FGM. It’s a miracle that … Read More Defying the odds on female genital mutilation

Relax Loewenstein. And hold the tough love.

When I caught a bus between my high school and my home there would always be a handful of boys sitting at the back heckling, making rude or dumb comments: I knew that was just their way of getting attention, and most days I would ignore them. But some days I would cave in and say something back. Just like I am going to do … Read More Relax Loewenstein. And hold the tough love.

Dear Ms Greer

First published by the Sydney Morning Herald, 8 March 2014 Dear Ms Greer (may I call you Germaine?), I’ve just finished The Female Eunuch. I know it came out in 1970 – as a little girl I was fascinated by my mother’s copy, the naked woman’s torso on the cover suggesting contents adult and inscrutable. Firstly, can I say: “Wow, how things have changed.” But also: … Read More Dear Ms Greer

Childcare cuts will send home those who should be in the workforce

First published by the Sydney Morning Herald, 16 January 2012 When a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney surveyed students about their plans for the future, the men spoke of careers but the women also factored in families and children. One said she was planning for a life in the diplomatic corps, where built-in domestic help would allow her to combine a family and … Read More Childcare cuts will send home those who should be in the workforce

Babe, it’s a new world

First published by The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 February 2005 What, No Baby? By Leslie Cannold Curtin University Books, 333pp, $29.95 When I told a close friend that this book was about how women need real freedom to choose both motherhood and a career (not one or the other), she quickly sputtered out: “But that’s just being greedy!” This friend is one of the … Read More Babe, it’s a new world

Babies, literary tics and ritalin

First published by Arena Magazine, August-September 2002 Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Baby Hunger: The New Battle for Motherhood, Atlantic Books, 2002 Elizabeth Wurtzel, More, Now, Again, Virago Press, 2002 Tara Brabazon, Ladies who Lunge, UNSW Press, 2002   Half a century ago a young journalist knocked on the doors of middle class American suburbia and interviewed the most educated (and medicated) housewives the world had ever seen. … Read More Babies, literary tics and ritalin

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