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Sydney Festival 2016 Reviews

  La Verità First published by Daily Review, 10 January 2016 Acrobats climb and fly in physics-defying movements through double helix ladders suspended from the sky. Dancers on crutches vault and sail over the stage without their bodies touching the floor. A rhinoceros plays piano while his twin tries to capture floating tissue sheets of music. Inspired by the surrealist worlds of Salvador Dali, the Sydney … Read More Sydney Festival 2016 Reviews


Suffragette: review

First published by Daily Review, 11 December 2015 Social movement movies — films about pivotal moments in the race, class, gender and sexuality wars — all have a tricky problem to overcome. They need to create a central, believable character the audience can invest in, without over egging the character’s place in a story that is always a collective one. Suffragette (notice the singular) does a half successful … Read More Suffragette: review

House Husbands: less mad men, more dad men

First published by Daily Review, 24 September 2015 Another Monday night, another hour thrashing out the issues de jour: gay marriage, IVF, the privatisation of public assets*, all delivered with cleverly scripted lines. No, I’m not referring to Q&A: I’ve tried watching that program lately, but I usually end up passing out on the couch, thankful I’m not poor flu-afflicted Simon Sheikh, slamming my head down … Read More House Husbands: less mad men, more dad men


Ricki and The Flash covers a mother of a problem

First published by Women’s Agenda and Daily Review, 27 August 2015 Our belief in the mother-child bond is so elemental, so taken-for-granted, it’s hard to imagine a more monstrous female figure, culturally speaking, than the mother who walks away from her children. So how does Hollywood make a film about a mother who has not only abandoned her brood, but is a woman well into … Read More Ricki and The Flash covers a mother of a problem

Is Cinderella a good role model for your daughter? Probably not. Are you?

First published by Women’s Agenda, 10 April 2015 Is Cinderella like a harmless dose of royalty – a mix of completely politically incorrect, a little bit charming, but also utterly bonkers? Should feminist mothers keep their daughters away these school holidays? Kath Kenny took her daughter, Miss almost-5, and her daughter’s friend, Master 6, and reported back. Early on in Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella our heroine is … Read More Is Cinderella a good role model for your daughter? Probably not. Are you?


In praise of the divergents of the world

Science fiction movies are fascinating for what they say about the present, as much as for what they say about the future, and the just-released Insurgent, the second movie adaptation of Veronica Roth’s young adult trilogy, is no different. It’s an intriguing dramatisation of our modern world, where the school exams we take as late teenagers threaten to determine our future forever, and where we … Read More In praise of the divergents of the world

The Breakfast Club Turns 30

First published by The Hoopla, 16 February 2015 The classic brat pack movie The Breakfast Club is now officially middle aged: on February 15 it turned 30. Does it stand the test of time? Does Judd Nelson? A brain. An athlete. A basketcase. A princess. A criminal. It’s Saturday at Chicago’s Shermer High School, and director John Hughes has summoned all the cliches to weekend detention. … Read More The Breakfast Club Turns 30

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