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14 Women dead this year and counting…

First published by The Hoopla, 19 February 2015 We are just seven weeks into 2015 and already 14 women have been violently murdered in Australia. That’s two women every week – much higher than Tony Abbott acknowledged last month when he said: “Every week, one Australian woman dies as a result of domestic violence.” The grim statistics are collected by the Counting Dead Women project, … Read More 14 Women dead this year and counting…


Not a great day for celebrating

First published by The Hoopla, 8 March 2015 The traditional March 8 greeting of “happy International Women’s Day” feels like a particularly false note to sound this year. The headline story on Sunday on the Sydney Morning Herald’s website was about a woman who was assaulted in an alley behind a nightclub by the nightclub owner’s son. “Was a sick night – took a chick’s virginity,” the convicted … Read More Not a great day for celebrating

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