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Goodbye Christine Milne, and another female leader

First published by the Sydney Morning Herald, 7 May 2015 As the government prepares to announce its plans to reform childcare subsidies for working families, it was interesting to see how the issue of children appeared to be impacting on one of the parties it will be negotiating with to get its changes through the Senate. When Christine Milne announced she was standing down as Greens leader, she said: “I … Read More Goodbye Christine Milne, and another female leader

Pollie want a crack-up?

First published by The Hoopla, 2 March 2015 The endless Liberal leadership speculation was punctuated last week when Julie Bishop responded to a Today show interview question with an emoji face. And Mike Baird looked like he was auditioning for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, not for another stint as NSW premier, when he released a youtube video of himself reading mean tweets. Bishop and Baird provided rare moments … Read More Pollie want a crack-up?

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