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The only way is up (via anxiety and endless self-promotion)

This story about LinkedIn, self-promotion, anxiety and Derek Zoolander, first appeared in Overland on 3 March 2017. The folded sheet of paper, one of those fundraising notes that regularly turn up in kids’ school bags, asked me to buy a photoshoot that would furnish me with an image for my LinkedIn profile. The parents behind the note are talented and lovely, but the missive still … Read More The only way is up (via anxiety and endless self-promotion)

Have you ever been Triggsed?

First published by The Hoopla, 25 February 2015 Tony Abbott has accused Gillian Triggs, the President of the Human Rights Commission, of losing the confidence of the Australian people. Accusations are flying that his government tried to move her sideways by offering her another senior role. The police have been called in. The whole sorry episode has raised questions about democracy, the independence of public servants, … Read More Have you ever been Triggsed?

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