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RIOT cabaret review (Sydney Festival)

This review was first published on Daily Review on 12 January 2018 If the Wooster Group’s The Town Hall Affair appeals (reviewed here), so will Emmet Kirwan’s spoken word – passionate and rapid fire monologues about teen pregnancy, loneliness, alienation and the need for socialist revolution. If the voice of the Beats can still be heard in his delivery, Kirwan also looks back to the Irish poets and then back across … Read More RIOT cabaret review (Sydney Festival)


Tribunal (Carriageworks, Sydney)

This review was first published on Daily Review on 18 January 2018   A didgeridoo plays, a dark ceiling is lit with starry effects, a simple Afghan mat is laid out, a few chairs sit either side. Tall stacks of brown filing boxes are neatly lined up backstage. Aunty Rhonda Dixon Grovenor, a Darug/Yuin elder, walks on stage and maps out the peoples of … Read More Tribunal (Carriageworks, Sydney)


Circus Oz Model Citizens (Prince Alfred Square Parramatta)

This review was first published on Daily Review on 14 January 2018 The opening scenes of Circus Oz’s Model Citizens poke fun at suburban conformity. The cast dresses in a uniform hospital blue colour, three members return as ballet-dancing sheep, and it wraps up with a satirical song by Freyja Edney about buying into organic food and tolerating diversity but not wanting it in ‘my backyard’. Entering … Read More Circus Oz Model Citizens (Prince Alfred Square Parramatta)


Have we reached peak entertainment?

First published by The Hoopla, 20 January 2015 On the weekend I saw a hip hop artist, a contortionist, some jaw-dropping acrobatics, some nifty tap dancing, a pretty funny striptease and some spectacular fire breathing. No, I wasn’t flitting from show to show reviewing the entire Sydney Festival for The Hoopla: it was ALL IN THE ONE SHOW, the Limbo circus at the Aurora Spielgeltent. The … Read More Have we reached peak entertainment?

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